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Freezing berries for smoothie making

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I bought two boxes of fresh Strawberries a few days ago to make smoothie. Smoothies are excellent when the fruits you make it with have been frozen and partially thawed. Strawberries that have been frozen and then thawed will not retain their original shape and texture, so they are best used as an ingredient in sauces, preserves, jams, smoothies, or in baked goods.

After buying them fresh from the supermarket, I let the strawberries ripen for last few days on its own so I can freeze them at their sweetest.

Freezing strawberries does not sterilize them, but the cold prevents the growth of microorganisms that are the cause for food spoilage.

Therefore a correct freezing is important for the quality of the strawberries (and all fruits in general). When properly frozen, the strawberries will have most of their taste and nutritional value.

ps* Many like to freeze their strawberries with sugar or syrup. But I like mines dry and without sugar. I want the whole original nutritional value of strawberries in my smoothie =)

Freezing Whole Strawberries Without Sugar

The best suited strawberries to be frozen are berries that are dark red, firm and fully ripe.
Remove stem and caps. Sort, wash and drain the fruit carefully. Do not soak in water, or the strawberry will lose flavor and nutritients. Do not add sugar.

Freeze strawberries individually in a single layer on cookie sheets. After completely frozen (about 24h) place into freezer containers or flexible freezer bags.


Strawberries are my absolute favorite. In my pregnancy my doctor advised that I eat a lot of berries, which includes strawberries. Because I needed to follow a eating plan that consisted lots of Fiber. And all berries have very good amount of fiber in them.

Strawberry has so many nutritional facts you can't imagine!

They are are low in fat, low in calorie; high in vitamin C, fiber, folic acid, potassium.

Strawberries, as part of a 5 a day fruit & vegetable program, can help reduce the risk of cancer & heart attacks.

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