Monday, January 26, 2009

A fruitful Sunday

My Sunday Edibles

-A hot cup of creamy milky tea
in my favorite ceramic mug

Scrambled egg whites
with onions, mushroom and coriander leaves

Frozen strawberry yogurt
(I made from the leftover frozen strawberries.
Same recipe as my smoothie recipe except
more crushed ice and less milk, more yogurt)

( I can't believe I found them in the grocery!
They're one of my top favorite exotic fruits)

Chickpea corn salad
sprinkled with flaked Tuna
( This is so refreshing, simple to make and delicious, just blend
them all together right from the can!)

Sweet Canaloupe
dazzled with black salt and red pepper powder

Mixed Lentil Curry
with lots of garlic and ginger.

I also devoured on Mutton Biryani that my husband bought from the Halal Bangladeshi Restaurant. It was the ultimate traditional desi Mutton Biryani to die for. I love it so much that I actually didn't bother photographing it. =D

But here is a LINK for you to stare at!

Have a wonderful Monday everyone.

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