Friday, March 6, 2009

Lemony Lemon

Lime Lemon Lemony Lemonade!
“When life gives you a lemon... squeeze it, mix it with six ounces of distilled water and drink twice daily.”

Hello friends and food lovers! A very good afternoon. I have been MIA for a while, just took a few days off from the blogging so I can brainstorm with new ideas and new recipes to keep you all coming!

So spring is coming soon, and I am really excited about this spring and summer! I've got amazing plans. Today it is 14 degree Celsius in Toronto with partly clouds though. What is that?? It's not spring for another month but hey I am loving it. To celebrate this beautiful day, I started off with fresh lemons in the kitchen. Made some face mask with lemon peels which was totally refreshing and rejuvenating!

Lemon is a great way to add zest to everything in life. I believe it has got many many beneficial nutrients that is not only good for our health but also mental well being.

I love the aromatic citrus smell of lemons. I just love it!

I have discovered some great recipes with lemon which benefits me in my everyday life using just fresh lemons! Here they are:

Are you feeling fatigue and nauseated?

Take a glass of cold water, add some sugar and squeeze in some lemon.
Drink it as cold as possible and watch how refreshing you will feel within seconds!

Do you have headaches and Migraine?
Grate some lemon skin into a small bowl make it into a paste form and apply it onto your forehead and little it over the temples. And feel the magic!

Have dull and dead skin? Acne?
Take some of the lemon skin peels and make it a paste, add some glycerin or honey to it and apply it onto the troubled spots. Leave for 5 minutes and wash off with cold water!

Want that fresh summer scent in your home?

Take 1 whole lemon and squeeze it all into a bowl, add water as little as the half of that same lemon. Pour it all into a spray bottle and grate the lemon skin and sprinkle it all in. You've got yourself home made air freshener! Spray this anywhere in the house, on the clothes, shoes where ever you want!

Got the icky sore throat or need some caffeine free tea?

Boil a cup of water, squeeze some lemon into it and simply add 1 tea spoon of honey. Cut up some lemons in thin round or moon shaped slices and dip it in the tea and enjoy a refreshing cuppa and lose that sore throat in minutes!

For congested nose and asthma ( Which I have)
For congested nose: when you squeeze the lemon skin some oils come out, rub it with a fingertip and apply it near the nostrils and breathe it. It works as a nose inhaler!

For asthma: eat fresh lemon juice, about 1 tea spoon to 1 table spoon after every meal. It also helps to eliminate any fats from the meal consumed.

More amazing benefits?

Have a Lemonious Day Folks!

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