Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Baking with kids = fun yet challenging

Egg Less Zebra Cupcakes

 This weekend was a lazy weekend. I did not feel like doing anything but sleep and rest. Our soon to be toddler baby has been keeping me up during the night and restless during the day. He is going through a never ending cold that is keeping him from sleeping, thus seeking a lot of comfort from the mommy during the night. Apparently his doctors doesn't think this is something serious that needs any special treatment. He even says give it 2 weeks. Well, I am happy he is not going through a bad cold but also hurts to see him suffer. But I am waiting it out like a patient mom! 

At the same time, my hubby is out of the country. Business trip! They suck, I hate those trips that keeps him away for weeks! Now that he is not here, I realize how blessed it is to have a helping hubby around. I am not bragging, and I won't always tell my readers this, but only because I miss him now. *sigh* My hubby wakes up early mornings before going to work to keep the baby so I get my morning sleep a bit longer after a hectic night staying awake. Yes, after a lot of nagging and complaining I finally got through to him. All you moms out there who have lost their precious sleep, you know how big it is to have a little extra sleep. Even if it is 20 minutes extra!

So okay, why am I talking about this when I really should be talking about my post? Yeah i ramble a lot and sometimes I forget what I started talking about. =) don't hate me because I am forgetful!

Getting back to the weekend, so while feeling lazy and tired and not feeling like cooking or baking; we had an unexpected guest. She is Fatima, a relative's daughter who has been around since she was a kid. She is 7 years old and whenever she comes over, she loves to eat my cakes or cuppy cakes as she says. With the intention of not doing anything, I dragged myself out of my rag and put on my apron and started baking! But this time with Fatima's help. And I tell you, it may seem fun but it's challenging. You have to do everything right and upto their expectations. She first wanted chocolate cupcakes, then changed her mind and asked for vanilla cupcakes. Then she saw me looking through a website that had strawberry cupcakes and was about to say something but I quickly changed the topic and said "lets bake some vanilla choco cuppy's!"

 So she gets both her wishes in one. I chose egg less recipe for these cupcakes, because I wanted to try an egg less recipe for ages. And, I took the recipe for these cupcakes from Aparna's website. Please visit her Egg less Zebra cake recipe for my cupcake recipes below. 

Thanks guys and have a wonderful week. 
Getting the patterns right

Fatima did great with the zebra patterns and I got some rest!

Cooling those cupcakes while gulping one of them down

What it looked like inside
And at last enjoying her overly iced  cupcake with extra chocolate sprinkles.
I used whipped cream for the icing her. Yes I was a bit lazy to make the butter cream frosting. But this tasted great! Fatima said so. *wink*

And a happy end is always a great end.

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