Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Diet of a lonely wife = Pizza in a pan

inspired by ProjectFoodBlog Pizza challenge

Those of you who have not read my last post, you may not know why I am calling myself a lonely wife. But, just to enlighten you again with my blabbering: my hubby has been gone overseas for over 2 weeks, one more week to go.  It's just me and our only baby boy Sufyaan at the moment. Who will be turning one year next month!  We're lonely and missing the hubby too much. Waiting patiently for his return.

And so,  I have started following a great diet, which I call "the lonely wife diet". This diet includes eating cheezy pizza, decadent chocolate cake with icing to candied apples, all things sugarry and fatty. Ummm yahh....*roll eyes* The good part of this diet is that I don't feel tad bit bad about eating all of that! lol Does that have something to do with the hubby not being around and me not having to look skinnier? hmmmmmmm

Whatever it is, for the time being I am enjoying it. Just the eating part. But oh boy do I am eager for his return! I don't think I can keep up with this diet for too long! Today I made a pan pizza from scratch. Meaning I made the crust myself. After I saw the yummy Pizza entrees in the Food Blog Project challenge # 5, I was immediately craving for a thick crust cheesy pizza. I found a great easy recipe from this site.

So I will not post the recipe here as it was inherited from 
 Cooking for Engineers. Please visit this link if you'd like a very easy yet delicious pan pizza recipe.

My dough rising in the warm oven

Used my 9" cake pan for this pizza. 

I used Mozzarrella cheese here.

 Simple toppings. Tomatoes and brocolis.


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