Monday, January 3, 2011


 Comfort Food Event

I am excited to announce the very first event on my blog! I hope this will be an event for

every one to enjoy and share their beautiful entrees. I decided to make the event theme on

“COMFORT FOOD”. We all have cravings for a type of food that truly brings comfort to our taste

buds and satisfies the heart. I often crave comfort food for many different reasons. It could be a

stressful day, a gloomy winter day,  after coming home from work/school on chilly day 

(being from Canada I don’t need to explain how cold!) or sometimes when I am feeling the blues. 

Sometimes,  there are rainy days when I just want something delicious and warm to relish on and cozy

under a blanket. Whatever the reason is! Comfort food is wished upon in all of our lives, 

don't you agree?

So lets begin a beautiful journey on some of the most comforting foods that leaves our heart with a

smile. I am going to call this event the “WINTER COMFORT FOOD” event. 

So please follow this theme in your posts.

I have posted the rules below.


*Cook/Bake an item that comforts you this winter. No drinks please. Only cooked or baked food recipes

*Maximum 3 posts per person

*Archived posts are welcome, but new posts are my preference

*Posts must follow the event theme and insert “WINTER COMFORT FOOD EVENT” in the blog post’s keywords

* In your post, you must write a brief description of the food you have cooked and why it comforts you

*You must mention the event name “COMFORT FOOD EVENT” with a link to my website or a link to the event page.

* Choose one photo that best represents your post and send me the link of the image and the post to [

DEADLINE for this event is JANUARY 28th

* Roundup will take place as soon as all posts have been organized by me and ready to be posted


Your Truly!
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