Friday, January 28, 2011

Tiramisu Cake with a twist

This was long due for me. For a long long time I have wanted to bake a tiramisu from scratch, but the 

fear of its' long process kept me waiting. So finally, I got a chance to make my own Mascarpone cheese

from Heavy whipping cream, then every other step that was required. I decided to make the cake as a

base instead of the traditional savoiardi/lady fingers. Although, Tiramisu is best with lady fingers and

brings out its' authentic taste but I just did not have the time to make that from scratch or buy it. 

I took my Mascarpone recipe from Baking Obsessions, my filling recipes from  

Passionate About Baking and the cake that I made an Egg less version from Sailu's Kitchen

I went for an eggless cake because the cake filling already had contained too much fat and cholesterol 

for me and I did not dare input more of it into my cake!

After devouring the cake, I felt that I should have omitted the custard filling from the filling as it made 

the filling more sweet than I like it in a tiramisu. I should have used some coffee into the filling as well 

because to me Tiramisu is all about COFFE flavor! 

Anyway, I just dusted it with cocoa powder with a heart shaped cut out in middle to form the shape 

and while serving the cake piece was drizzled with some chocolate syrup.

So those were my adapted recipes above, feel free to check them out to come up with 

your version of Tiramisu

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