Saturday, January 1, 2011

Wishing you a great new Year and a whole lots of happiness!

May every day of this new year bring everyone of you a heart full of happiness, peace and blessings.

For me 2010 was a year of milestones. A year that taught me the joy of Motherhood. It was the first 

year I had experienced all types of happiness in one whole year. From the joy of becoming a mother, 

to seeing a little one grow in front of my eyes, to see his first step, to hear him call me 'Ma' for the

very first every funny and enjoyable actions he takes in front of me...! I never knew love

was this strong.  To embrace every day with nothing but a heart full of love to offer. Wow! There is so 

much more to say but so little time.  I am thankful to have my son Sufyaan as part of my 2010 and 

Inshallah for every year until my end.

May 2011 bring me and all of my friends and foodies lots of colors and joy!

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