Thursday, September 13, 2012

Missed Blogging! New Blog!

Hi Everyone!! (My new blog -->

I hope all my readers are doing great and having a wonderful beginning of FALL! Time for Pumpkin hunting and orange colors in our kitchen =)

I love love love Fall!

I have been missing from this blogging sphere for almost a year. Was very caught up with my personal life and family.

Just wanted to ask anyone who is reading this article to kindly stay connected and also do me a big favour by joining me on my new Blog where I write reviews on Cosmetics and Beauty Products as well as DIY recipes for everyday beauty remedies to health remedies!

I would appreciate greatly if everyone also spread the word !

I am going to announce on a new post about a Contest where there will be 2 lucky winners and will receive free Beauty products as a Thank You gift!

These means the more visitors and the more readers come my way I will be more encouraged to continue and start this mission!

Thank you so much.

Here is the link and love you all for reading and mailing me to check up on me and for sending me all the lovely wishes. Thank you so so so much!
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