Sunday, April 7, 2013

Healthy eating doesn't have to be for weight loss. It also does good to your health!

Hi Foodies!

So, some people have e-mailed me and and showed concern and love for my absence from blogging and then from my previous post some have thought I got FAT and LOL so to answer some of your questions.

*I have not gotten OBESE, or fat that you can notice. LOL but I think all women at some point in their lives feel the need to diet to feel better. And after having my baby I was not able to live a fit lifestyle like prior to having a baby so I wanted to get back to fit shape by choosing good healthy foods and exercises. 

I am not going to say more but thanks to those who showed concern and love. I appreciate it a lot! :)



10 Reasons Why I Love Oatmeal
1. Low calorie food; stops cravings.
A cup is only 130 calories!  It also stays in your stomach longer, making you feel full longer.  You will have less hunger and cravings.
2. Provides high levels of fibre, low levels of fat, and high levels of protein.
It’s on the short list for the highest protein levels of any grain.
3. Stabilizes blood sugar and reduces risk of diabetes (type 2)
The high fiber and complex carbohydrates slow down the conversion of this whole food to simple sugars. The high levels of magnesium nourish the body’s proper use of glucose and insulin secretion.
4. Removes your bad cholesterol (without affecting your good cholesterol).
5. It tastes good!
All oats whether in flakes or groats form have gone through a heat process which gives them their rich nutty flavor.  This keeps them from spoiling. They have also been hulled.  This process does not strip away all the bran and germ allowing them to retain a concentrated source of  fiber and nutrients .
This means however, that oats are not raw and will not sprout.

Different Kinds of  Oatmeal:
All the benefits mentioned above are actually for oats.  Most people don’t think about oats – they think about oatmeal. In fact most people could not identify whole oats if they were sitting in front of them.
There are many different levels of processing of oatmeal. Generally the larger the “flake” – as in rolled oats or the bigger the seed or groat  – as in steel cut oats – the less processed it will be, the more nutrients it retains and the slower it will be to digest.  It will also be slower to cook though.
Most people think steel cut oats are the least processed since that is how the largest groats are labeled, but some of the most processed oats like instant and baby are also steel cut.

I will post more updates on how I make my oatmeal and flavor them. 
Todays oatmeal was Instant Oats mixed with Almond Milk, Dates and Banans and hint of Cinnamon Powder for the sweet flavoring. Cinnamon also stops cravings!

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