Thursday, August 15, 2013

I can never have enough Mangos!

Mangolicious Smoothie

Every summer our house is filled with boxes of Mangoes. All kinds of them! 

Honestly, I can't remember all its names because the minute it arrives I find myself devouring in 

one right out of the box. 

My dad is my Mango King! He knows mangoes well! And we hardly  have to buy Mangoes

 because my super Dad always buys them for me!! Well, he used to buy for me now he buys

 especially for his grand son AKA my spoiled brat Sufyaan. He loves mangoes since he was a

 teeny weeny baby. 

Who can resist that tropical flavour and that mind blowing aroma of Mango!! No one! 

Not even a baby 


Enough with my Mango lectures.

Here is a very easy Mango Smoothie Recipe. 
It's refreshing, it's fulfilling and it's yummy :)

I have posted the recipe right onto the picture so I did not write it down below.


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