Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Smoothie for Breakfast! - tropical smoothie

Smoothies ( Blend of Fruits or Vegetables prepared in a Blender) are the solution to a quick breakfast!

I am a big time Smoothie Drinker. It's just so refreshing and easy to make, everyone has got to love it right?

I love the blend of fruits and veggies in my smoothies. I usually add Spinach as the 

Vegetable ingredient because Spinach has the least amount of flavor when blended with

 other fruits. Especially fruits that have a tart taste. 

I have never been a Break Fast or a Morning person. Yes, I was a spoiled child, my parents

 let me sleep until noon if I did not have school! And I even took afternoon classes in college 

just so I would not have to wake up early and go through with the torture of eating 

Breakfast! I just can't swallow food down or chew anything first thing in the morning. But, we

 all know that Breakfast is the most essential meal of the day!! 

After I had my son almost 4 years ago, in his newborn months I had absolutely no sleep at all. From being so sleep deprived to staying awake on early morning, I decided to embrace smoothies. It was the best decision! Not being able to chew my food early morning did not deprive me of the foods my body needed, smoothies also gave me a kick start energy !

We must eat Breakfast !!

You Must!

So, after skipping breakfast for years I was advised by my Doctor and lectured for a good 15

 minute visit on its' endless benefits. When we wake up in the morning, our body demands

 proper nutritional food. And if we don't take advantage of that the rest of the day we will 

most likely feel fatigue, weak and etc. It may even be the cause of extra weight gain, because

 by the time you hit the noon you will be super hungry and may choose bad food over proper

 nutritional food out of hunger pangs. 

This is why I chose to have smoothies for breakfast. It is not only fast and easy to prepare 

(just throw in fruits and veggies in your blender and voila!), but also it will nourish your body

 with proper nutritional values. It will keep you fulfilled for long and keep you alert. Because

 it's super natural off course!

Here is my recipe of my favourite Morning Smoothie. It is pink and delicious!

PINK SMOOTHIE with Berry on Top!

1 or 1/2 Cup Fresh ripe or Frozen Strawberries

1 Banana (fresh or frozen)

handful of Baby Spinach

2 tablespoons ground Flax seeds 

(High in Omega and Fibre, fills you up and keep you full longer)

1 tablespoons of Raw Honey to sweeten 

(Raw honey is excellent for morning energy)

1 Cup of Cold Water ( more or less depending on how thick you like it)


Blend all ingredients in a powerful blender.

always add liquids first to prevent ingredients from sticking to blades.


Easy Isn't it?

I make all my smoothies using my 
Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control Blender

I will be posting reviews on this awesome blender very soon! 
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