Monday, August 26, 2013

TAMARIND Sherbet Drink - Natural Homemade electrolyte drink

Tamarind Sherbet Drink

Tamarind is one of my favorite fruits.

 It's sour! But, that's not why I like it. In fact I don't ever eat it directly unless it's the sweet ones from Thailand or the Arab. I usually add it to my drinks, smoothies, curries and soups for that burst of tangy flavor. It is a natural taste bud enhancer in my opinion!  

When it's ripened it has this amazing sweet and sour flavor that if added to cooking or drinks, you will want more!

As a child growing up in Bangladesh, I remember my mom used to prepare this Tamarind Drink. We call it "Shortbet" or "Sherbet" in Bengali language. 

Any type of Shorbot is like a liquid drink that has flavors to it. 

This one would be called "Tetul er Shorbet" in Bengali. 
Tetul means Tamarind!

There, now you learned bit of a new language =D

Moms sherbet was much more delicious off course. We all know moms hands have magic and no matter what we do to follow that same recipe, it's just never the same! She used to put the drink in a glass pitcher with plenty of ice, placed it on the dining table so we could come home from school and get a refreshing cool drink. 

This drink also works as an excellent "Homemade electrolyte drink"

Here is my version of mom's Tetul er Sherbet Aka 



Makes : 4 tall glasses
Tools needed - hand blender

  1. Tamarind Paste  -  2 table spoons
  2. Sugar -  as you need
  3. Salt - just a pinch! 
  4. Cold Water - 4 glasses 

Place all ingredients in a big jar/pitcher and blend with hand blender. You can use any blender as well.

And thats it! It's easy.

Garnish with Mint leaves and ice!
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