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10 Natural Home Remedies for Common Cold & Flu !

F O R 

Upon arrival of the Fall season, the air is suddenly cooler outside with occasional cold rain. Let's not forget it is also the beginning of Flu season. Coughing, sore throats, fevers, runny noses & etc – they are everywhere! The trips to the emergency room and the doctor's office is increasing. The Doctor will most probably just prescribe us with a bunch of medications/antibiotics or if it's not severe enough; advise to stay at home and rest it out with Drug Store friendly Advil/Tylenol.

But, instead of taking all that Synthetic Medicines what if we could just take a step back and think of our Ancestors back in the days? What did they do?

The Chinese used Plants, the Indians and Ancient Egyptians used Herbs.
I am all in for Natural Remedies whenever I can, it's the best thing we can do do our body. Mother Nature is the best source of cure ever!

For thousands of years Natural Remedies have worked its wonders so why not now?

I have listed below my Top 10 Cold/Flu/Fever Home Remedies
These have worked for me and my family for years without having to rely fully on Synthetic Medications. We were able to kick the Flu out of the Door with a Fast Recovery within 3 days! It may take shorter or longer for every individual. 

My Husband usually fights a fever overnight. How amazing is his Immune System, right? That's because he began his Natural Remedy journey years before I did. Which made him stronger during sicknesses. I am seriously jealous yet truly glad I don't have to look after a big baby for too long when he is sick!


Sore Throat and Fever?
Try -- My Herbal Tonic
(Infused with fresh Ginger, Cinnamon, Cloves and Raw Honey)

But not your typical "dip in the tea bag and add honey" tea. This tea is powerful. It heals sore throats, it helps the body with blood circulation, fights bacteria, boosts energy and last but not least hydrates. Drink this potion every 3-4 hours and you should see a big difference.


Water -- 8 Cups

Cloves -- 3 table spoons

Fresh Ginger Root (chopped/sliced) -- 4-5 tablespoons

Cinnamon sticks -- 4-5

Raw Honey (Manuka is best) -- As much as needed for your sweet taste 

Bring the water to a Boil on high heat, then decrease the heat to low. 
Add in all the Spices and herbs. And Cover and let infuse in low heat for 30 minutes or so. 

When done, you should smell the aroma of fresh gingers and Mint.

Strain the mixture and throw away the spices and herbs and add honey.
Drink Up!



Dry Cough and Itchy Throat?


How many of you just squinted your eye brows? Seriously tell me ! I know, it sounds totally weird to have Turmeric Spice and Black Pepper in your milk. 

But, this Yellow Goodness will make your annoying itchy throat and dry cough say Goodbye in a very short time! 

Not only does it helps the itchy throat and dry cough discomfort, it also helps in building your immune system back to normal and easing body aches and pains associated with your fever or cold. Turmeric is a a natural detox agent, so it will help the body flush out toxins and bacteria fast.

This is an Ancient Ayurveda recipe I learned from my neighbour years ago. She is from India. And her dad is a Homeopathic Doctor there! So, I had to take her seriously and try it. I could not believe the wonders it did. You have to try it to believe it too! 


Milk of your choice  -- 2 cups 
Pure Turmeric Powder -- 1 teaspoon
Black Pepper Powder -- 2 teaspoons
Raw Honey -- 2-3 tea spoons

Warm the Milk on a Stove or Microwave. Or make it Hot, if you can stand it. 
Add the spices and stir very well and drink slowly. Do not gulp down. Drink as if you are drinking tea. 
Fenugreek Fever Reducer Tea

Fenugreek has been used as a Natural Fever Reducing medicine for thousands of years by the Ancients. It has shown to dramatically drop fever when taken in Tea with Honey and Lemons. I have taken this and benefited tremendously overnight with a fever. I was also breastfeeding at that time, so I also noticed a great amount of Milk supply as Fenugreek has endless benefits and increase in milk supply is another one of them!


Fenugreek Seeds -- 2-3 Teaspoons
Water -- 2-3 Cups
Any Herbal tea, fruit tea or Green Tea -- 1-2 tea bags
Lemon and Honey for Taste -- Fenugreek can have a bitter taste, so do not forget lemon and honey!

Boil the Fenugreek seeds in the water until water turns brownish.
Strain and steep with the tea bag of your choice.
Add Lemon juice and Honey for taste. 


Honey Cinnamon Paste

HONEY is a universal Natural Remedy for Colds and Flu. When I say Honey, I really am talking about the Pure raw Honey here. The type that has not been heated, free of chemicals and preservatives. I bought myself a Manuka Honey Last year. And I still have it. It's such a huge jar, but only a little goes a long way along with its' amazing health benefits. 

Honey fights Bacteria, it heals, it soothes and it's sweet! And guess what? I used to HATE Honey before I tried Raw Honey. Raw Honey has absolutely zero smell that regular Pasteurized honey has. It also tastes much better, and light in flavour which I love. 

Cinnamon is another extraordinary spice that I fell in love with in childhood. I am very much addicted to sweet smelling spice. I can add it to anything I eat. I especially love it in my Cakes, Coffee, Milk and Smoothies. 

Cinnamon And Honey paste Benefits:
  • Fights bacteria
  • Reduces Pain
  • Cinnamon aids in digestion
  • Decreases Inflammation and heals
  • Helps in blood circulation and warms the body
  • Its powerful medicinal properties will kick a cold out within a day or two!

Raw Honey -- 4 Table spoons
Ground Cinnamon -- 2 tablespoons

Mix and consume every 3-4 hours in 1-2 teaspoons of serving.
You can also give this to kids over the age  of One
They love the taste!

Runny Nose, pain reliever, Cough relief
Garlic & Ginger Masala

I am a South Asian and I cook everyday with the above two ingredients. Without these two, my food would be like a Fish without Water. But, when I or someone in my household gets the fever, cough, runny nose etc. I make a Hot spicy Masala with the two herbs to throw that sickness away!! It is hot and spicy! It will smell a bit strong...Okay, a lot Strong. 
But, I am willing to go through that burning sensation in my tongue and that garlicky breath in order to feel better by next day.

Garlic has an anti-bacterial agent that helps the immune system to fight any infection, it add as a boost to the immune system. 

The Romans used to feed their Soldiers garlics before going out for a battle to strengthen their ability to fight better! Amazing ha? 

Ginger is another super powerful herb to fight bacteria and it contains dozens of Anti Viral properties.  Ginger is an awesome antiseptic and antioxidant herb. It's excellent for preventing and treating colds, sore throats and inflammation of mucus membranes. 
It has a mild sedative effect on the body, that will help the body rest during fever and cold. 


FRESH RAW GINGER ROOT -- Chopped 2-3 tablespoons
FRESH RAW GARLIC -- Chopped 1.5 tablespoons
Sea Salt -- a pinch
Mustard Oil -- 1-2 teaspoons (I will elaborate on Mustard Oil in my next post)

Mix the ingredients together and make a thick paste using a Mortar and Pestle or any tool of your choice.

Consume 1/2 teaspoon or so just directly and drink water if the taste is too strong.
This may not be suitable for kids. They will not like the taste, but if you really want you can add honey to it and feed them. 


THE NEXT 5 remedies will be on my next post.
I really don't want to Overwhelm my readers with so much information. Please stay tuned for the next exciting 5 Remedies I use.

Some of them will include tips on:
Canker Sores (That super painful sore inside your mouth)
Fight a Stomach Bug

and more ! :)

What did you think of these Home Remedies? Which one did you find most interesting? 
Do you have any tip that you would like to share? I love Comments so please let me know below 

See you next time beautiful ! 



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