About Me

I am Tamanna! From Toronto, Canada

One day I woke up and decided to open a blog out of sheer delight!

I consider myself a Multi tasking individual! I am doing many things at once :)

I love exploring and discovering new things...be it recipes, activities, reading books...making projects....My mind is a constant roller coaster. It does not rest.

So I blog and write about these mindful ideas to calm myself. lol :P

Most of all, I enjoy Cooking and Photography. And when I started this blog It was mainly on food recipes. But in the recent months, I have opened news doors for my blog with other categories like DIY activities, Health and beauty and more!

Please take a look around and follow my blog and spread the word ! I love comments and feedbacks, but I do not like spammers. ;)

Oh and a bit of personal things about me, in case you wanted to stalk me more :D

* I am a stay at home mom
* I own my Home based Cake Decorating Business
* I am also a Makeup Artist! ( weird right)

*I love my son Sufyaan to pieces...and if you are on my facebook you will get tired of hearing of his everyday shenanigans.

*My Husband is the one who encourages me to Blog!

* I am a sweet heart *ahem* so you be a sweetheart too and subscribe to my Blog!

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All photographs you see on my blog are my own captures.

Thank you for visiting my Blog ! If you have any questions or feedback feel free to contact me.

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